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Toolkits and OSR-Created Resources

Do you have an idea for an OSR Toolkit?

OSR Project Toolkits are a way to make sharing ideas among medical students more efficient. Each toolkit provides the materials and information needed to start a project or host an event. These toolkits are being collected in an indexed, searchable format on iCollaborative. We welcome you to download one to use and encourage you to upload your own great idea so that others can benefit.

Before you begin the submission process, please review the OSR Toolkit submission instructions .

Become a Toolkit Ambassador

  • Identify projects that would make a great toolkit. We’re looking for inspiring yet practical projects that can be implemented at another school. It can be as simple as a great presentation on the transition to third year or as complex as an advisory college system.
  • Approach a potential toolkit author. If you attended a great workshop that you think could be duplicated at another school, or if you see a poster about a project that has been implemented, talk to the author and let them know about the OSR Toolkit initiative. Your goal is to introduce the opportunity to the author and to help them brainstorm about what would go into their toolkit. You can certainly help the author assemble the toolkit; however, your role should focus on facilitating the development of the resource while the author should be focused on content creation
  • Think about what would be in the toolkit. A toolkit should consist of everything another individual might need to make this presentation, project, initiative, or program a possibility at their own institution. Think about what you would want to know. At minimum, consider including a checklist, instructions, and some tips on budget and sponsors—as well as the original content, of course. Some toolkits may also benefit from the inclusion of a questionnaire that gauges interest, a list of metrics to track the project, and a follow-up questionnaire. All these items together would provide a great start for another school.
  • Provide the author with submission instructions. Toolkits are submitted to iCollaborative.
  • Communicate with the National Delegate for Communications. Let the National Delegate know you have identified a prospective toolkit submission (author/project/working timeline).
  • Inform the author of the toolkit once it has been posted to iCollaborative.

For more information, contact your communications national delegate or OSR Director, Mary Halicki.

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Effectively Utilizing the Electronic Residency Application Service

The residency application cycle is upon us and the majority of medical students will be utilizing the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS ®) to submit applications to residency programs. To provide students with an opportunity to learn more about how to most effectively utilize ERAS® and to ask staff members questions, the AAMC hosted a live webinar for students on July 19. View webinar. External Link

OSR Resources

Programs and Information for Medical Students

Find links to helpful programs and services for all medical students.

Apply Smart for Residency

Match day will be here before you know it! And while the residency application process that culminates in this big day is complex, there are steps you can take to help improve your chance for a successful match.