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GWIMS Toolkit

The GWIMS Toolkit is a series of presentations designed to provide practical guidance on a variety of topics relevant to women faculty in academic medicine. Each presentation provides an overview of the topic, relevant best practices, tips on implementation, and useful references for more information. We encourage you to share these resources with interested colleagues at your organization.

GWIMS Toolkit Volumes and Chapters:

Volume 1: Leveraging Your Career

Chapter 1: Managing through Teamwork for Maximum Performance (Judy Weber) 

Chapter 2: Crafting a Fundable Grant (Emina Huang) 

Chapter 3: Workshop Preparation and Presentation (Carla Spagnoletti, Rachel Bonnema, Melissa McNeil, Abby Spencer, & Megan McNamara) 

Chapter 4: Crafting Successful Award Nominations

Chapter 5: Part-time Faculty in Academic Medicine, Individual and Institutional Advantages (Linda Chaudron, Susan Pollart & Aimee Grover)  

Chapter 6: Writing an Effective Executive Summary (Roberta Sonnino) 

Chapter 7: Mentoring Women- A Guide for Mentors (Mary Lou Voytko & Joan Lakoski) 

Chapter 8: Mentoring Women- A Guide for Mentees (Mary Lou Voytko & Joan Lakoski) 

Chapter 9: Strategies for Cultivating Career Satisfaction and Success through Negotiation (Reshma Jagsi, Martha Gulati, & Rochelle DeCastro Jones) 

Chapter 10: A Case Study: Creative Faculty Development through your GWIMS Office (Catherine Lynch) 

Chapter 11: Transitioning to a New Role: Practical Tips on Navigating From One Chapter to the Next (Archana Chatterjee,Meenakshi Singh, Roberta Sonnino) 

Chapter 12: Strategies for Advancing the Careers of Women of Color in Academic Medicine- Individual Strategies (Archana Chatterjee, Chiquita Collins, Linda Chaudron, Barbara Fivush, Laura Castillo-Page, Diana Lautenberger, Ashleigh Moses) 

Chapter 13: A Guide to Prepare for Your First Job in Academic Medicine (Marin Gillis, Lori Wagner, Catherine Dayton, Allison Quick, Gwen McIntosh, Julie Lockman, Julie Boiko, Nicole Redmond, Rebecca Ganetzky, Erin E Medlin, Michele Kutzler, Diann Krywko, Reena Bhatt, Kelly Quesnelle, Robyn Gray, Julie C. Servoss, Simone Thavaseelan & Cynthia Fuhrmann) 

Chapter 14: Caretaking in Academic Medicine: From pregnancy through early parenting (Allison W. Brindle, Delma-Jean Watts, Ilse Jenouri. Jamie Wooldridge, Jennifer L. Cook, Kelsey Logan, Lynn K Gordon, Mascha van 't Wout, Nancy Swords Jenny, Parul N. Barry, Rebecca Cherry & Shobha W. Stack) 

Chapter 15: Is Your Salary Equitable? A guide for individual faculty (Carol Bates, Cynthia Brown, Rita Coram, Elizabeth Cuevas, Rhonda Mattingly, Poonam Sharma, Beena Sood, Simone Thavaseelan, Tracy S. Wang) 

Volume 2: Institutional Strategies for Advancing Women in Medicine

Chapter 1: How to Start and Maintain a Robust WIMS Organization (Julie Wei & Paige Geiger) 

Chapter 2: Equity: Defining, Exploring, and Sharing Best Practices for Gender Equity in Academic Medicine (Diana Lautenberger & Ashleigh Moses) 

Chapter 3: Women's Leadership and the Impact of Gender (Toi Blakley Harris, Susan Pepin, & Amelia Grover) 

Chapter 4: Implementing an Intensive Career Development Program for Women Faculty (Tamara Nowling, Elizabeth Travis, Abby Mitchell, Mugé Simsek, Erin McClure)  

Chapter 5: Strategies for Advancing the Careers of Women of Color in Academic Medicine- Institutional Strategies (Archana Chatterjee, Chiquita Collins, Linda Chaudron, Barbara Fivush, Laura Castillo-Page, Diana Lautenberger, Ashleigh Moses) 

Chapter 6: Equity in Promotion (Toi Blakley Harris, Maria Baggstrom, Melissa Bauman, Camille Clare, Libby Ellinas, Magali Fassiotto, Elizabeth Gillespie, Kathy Griendling, Richelle Koopman, Linda Nelson, Jennifer Sasser & Nancy Spector) 

Chapter 7: Equity in Recruitment: Your Go To Equity Guide for Recruitment: Positions, Committees, and Speakership (Marisha Burden, Amira del Pino-Jones, Michelle Shafer, Sangini Sheth, Kathryn Rexrode) 

Toolkit submissions are authored by GWIMS members. We welcome submissions and topic ideas from the GWIMS community. Presentations should be:

  • Important and useful for women faculty
  • Practical and pithy
  • Sourced with quality references that allow readers to find more detail on important points in the presentation
  • A showcase of real life examples of problem-solving on the ground

Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) Survey Questions

Preview the WIMS Survey questions here with your Faculty Roster Representative to prepare your data.

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GWIMS Toolkits

Find GWIMS toolkits covering a variety of topics relevant to women in medicine and science here.