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GWIMS Quarterly Newsletter


GWIMSWatch welcomes your contributions, including commentaries about women in medicine and science, reporting on events related to a women’s program, and recent related initiatives.

GWIMSWatch Winter 2014 issue 

Women's Specialty Societies

A listing of women's specialty societies and specialty societies with women's groups or committees.

Academic Medicine®

We invite you to browse this collection of articles and reports published in Academic Medicine that are focused on the careers, advancement, mentoring, and leadership of women at medical schools.

Additional Resources from the AAMC

Academic Physician and Scientist
Popular career development articles from Academic Physician & Scientist, 2005-2010.

Analysis in Brief
AiB presents recent findings from the AAMC's data collection and research activities in a concise, easy-to-read report. Published several times a year, it addresses a wide range of topics and trends that affect medical schools and teaching hospitals.

Faculty Roster
This database generates tables on the annual distribution of U.S. medical school faculty by department, school, rank, ethnicity, degree, gender, primary specialty, and tenure status. The trend data includes: gender and ethnicity of U.S. medical school faculty; U.S. medical school faculty members by degree and department; and tenure status of U.S. medical school faculty members by degree and department. For more information, e-mail Hershel Alexander, Ph.D., at

Faculty Salary Survey Reports (AAMC Account required)
Allows individuals affiliated with AAMC-member institutions and other AAMC constituents to access faculty salary report tables. These tables are identical to the tables in the AAMC annual report on medical school faculty salaries. For more information, e-mail Stefanie Wisniewski at

Faculty Vitae Articles
Articles from the AAMC's professional development resource for faculty at medical schools and teaching hospitals.

Finding Top Talent: How to Search for Leaders in Academic Medicine
Finding Top Talent presents innovative ideas and promising practices to help medical schools and teaching hospitals recruit the best leaders for the future. The premise of this book is that process is the key to every successful search.

FAMOUS (AAMC Sign in and active GWIMS member status required)
The Faculty Administrative Management Online User System (FAMOUS) is a Web-based report writing tool that enables users to view aggregate reports on medical school faculty members and chairs, using data from the AAMC Faculty Roster. There are many institution-specific and national reports that can be generated, such as retention reports, promotion reports, alumni reports, department reports, rank reports, demographic reports, and educational reports.


2014 Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar External Link
July 12-15, 2014 - Englewood, Colo.

2014 Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar
December 6-9, 2014 - Austin, Texas

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2013 AAMC Annual Meeting
2013 GWIMS Poster Presentations

2012 AAMC Annual Meeting
San Francisco
2012 GWIMS Poster Presentations



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