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Archana Chatterjee

by Archana Chatterjee, MD, PhD, Member at Large of the GWIMS Steering Committee
Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine/Sanford Children's Specialty Clinic

The session was opened by the Chair of GWIMS, Dr. Lynn Gordon, thanking the outgoing Chair, Dr. Elizabeth Travis, and giving the audience a preview of the projects, events and programming for 2016. Specifically, she touched upon the group’s Strategic Visioning Goals, the State of Women in Academic Medicine Report and incorporating Faculty Roster data into that, as well as the recently launched Member Engagement Survey. Among the major projects for GWIMS next year will be the analysis and publication of the findings of the Member Engagement Survey, the newly initiated Women of Color project and the planning of the 2017 joint conference with the GDI. Dr. Gordon also highlighted other GWIMS-related activities at Learn, Serve, Lead 2015, including sessions on Achieving/Maintaining Salary Equity, the GWIMS/COD Poster and Awards, Unlocking the Secrets to the Learning Environment and Diversity and Inclusion is good for Business and the Academic Health Mission.

The featured speaker at the session was Sara Laschever, co-author of Women Don’t Ask and Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. Ms. Laschever began the session describing some of the myths, misconceptions and excuses surrounding women and negotiations. She explained the importance of negotiating beyond just salary, and the costs from not negotiating. She went on to elucidate the reasons women negotiate poorly and provided guidance on appropriate negotiation strategies and tactics, drawing distinctions between Competitive and Collaborative negotiations. She clarified basic negotiation concepts including Value, BATNA, Reservation Value, Contract Zone and Aspiration Value. Audience members were then provided with a case scenario to practice their negotiation skills in dyads, and report on their experiences. The session concluded with instructions on heading off conflict and closing the deal. A list of references on the topic was also provided.
Ms. Diana Lautenberger also spoke at the session, describing the Mission, Vision, etc. of the GWIMS, including its focus on Visibility, Data and Membership. Dr. Elizabeth Travis provided a report on the achievements of the group this year. Highlights included:

  • Hosted partnering conversations with 3 AAMC Affinity Groups (GFA, GDI, and CFAS) during 2015 Winter Meeting

-Outcome: GFA Webinar Series
-Outcome: GDI/GWIMS 2017 Meeting

  • Presented at 2 GEA Regional Meetings
  • Presented at GFA/GDI 2015 Spring Meeting
  • Partnering with CFAS on a Women in specialty societies project to reach out to the scientific community
  • Partnering with DPP for a Women of Color Initiative
  • Reviewed WIMS Benchmarking Survey collection for possible duplications

-Outcome: split out Faculty Roster data collection and WIMS office data collection to include WIMS office questions and women leadership questions on the GWIMS Member Engagement Survey

  • Drafted potential women-related research questions for exploration (Winter 2015 meeting)

-Outcome: Resurrected COD Women Dean Pathway research project

  • Faculty demographic information will now be collected in the Faculty Roster data collection
  • Nearly doubled our membership since June 2014

-Outcome: 596 members currently

  • Initiated a new social media strategy to communicate with members in a new way
  • Facilitated an open call for new subcommittee members
  • Launched the first GWIMS Member Engagement Survey

-Outcome: Collecting more detailed data on local WIMS organizations (currently 174 responses)

  • Published 5 Toolkit chapters (2 more ready fall 2015)
  • Conducted outreaching calling campaign to make connection with designated representatives

-Outcome: identified new, more appropriate contacts for designated representatives

  • Launching a New Member Resource in Fall 2015

Dr. Lynn Gordon closed the session, inviting the audience to become more engaged in the activities of the GWIMS.

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