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Professional Development Support Toolkit

Promoting Growth and Excellence Across the GSA Community

What is the Support Toolkit?

The toolkit is a collection of aids that aim to complement and enhance professional development practices and results across the GSA community. The tools were developed to specifically execute a continuous three-step process proven to help GSA professionals realize their potential and a fulfilling career in student affairs.

How can I best use the Support Toolkit?

Professional Development Process

The tools will provide the greatest benefit when executed as part of an ongoing, collaborative process led by you.

This three-step process can serve as an opportunity to complement current professional development practices in which you can further engage yourself and others to make your professional journey and career success a priority.

  • Analyze and assess your capability, performance, and aspirations to clarify and affirm what is expected of you in your current role as well as your desired career direction.
  • Discuss and define clear and meaningful goals and opportunities that you can successfully implement with the support of supervisors, mentors, and trusted colleagues.
  • Reflect and respond to your growth, goal achievement, and performance contributions; using feedback and recognition to guide and position you for greater success.

What specific tools are available?

Below are the available tools listed with opportunities to guide your application for the best results. These aim to reinforce the ongoing, collaborative process noted above and complement the resources and support already available at your school or institution.

Gain a clearer understanding of responsibilities/performance expectations (essential critical behaviors) for your current and aspiring roles.
GSA Performance Framework 
GSA Framework-LCME Standards Alignment 

Identify specific, high potential development areas for consideration.
Performance Reflection and Assessment Guide 

Develop clear and meaningful professional development goals and a detailed plan for execution.
Goal Development and Execution Guide  

Explore and identify high-value development options to achieve your specific goals.    
GSA Performance Framework - Development Options Matrix (Areas of Expertise) 
GSA Performance Framework - Development Options Matrix (Common Areas) 

Engage in more effective professional development discussions.
Collaborative Discussion Guide 

Use feedback and recognition as valuable tools to guide and excel your growth and performance.   
Feedback and Recognition Guide 

Learn more about elevating your career, raising the bar at your institution, and connecting with others in the student affairs' community through the PDI Webinar Series.