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UGME Rules and Regulations

The name of the section shall be the Section on Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) of the Group on Educational Affairs (GEA) of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).


The purpose of the Section on UGME of the GEA shall be to promote excellence in the education of medical students from selection to graduation and thereby contribute to the health of the public.

The Section on UGME of the GEA fosters:

  • The development and continued improvement of undergraduate medical education programs to enhance medical students' learning and subsequent performance as graduate physicians.
  • The professional development of all teachers of medical students.
  • The application of research to undergraduate medical education.
  • The development of policies, (locally, regionally, and nationally), that recognize the fundamental importance of undergraduate medical education.
  • Communication specific to issues pertaining to undergraduate medical education.

Specific Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Section on UGME shall parallel that of the GEA. It shall comprise a national steering committee and if desired by the region, constituent groups in each of the GEA regions.


The membership of the Section on UGME shall consist of those members of the GEA (as identified in the GEA by-laws) who have self-identified as interested in Undergraduate Medical Education. Voting members of the section shall be all such members excluding associate members of the GEA.

Section Steering Committee

The purpose of the UGME Section Steering Committee shall be to conduct the business of the Section, to coordinate with other sections and with the GEA Steering Committee, and to provide for liaison with the Group on Student Affairs (GSA), the Organization of Resident Representatives (ORR) and the Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) of the AAMC.

The Section's National Steering Committee shall be comprised of the Section Chair, Section Past-Chair, and the Section Chair-Elect, the four regional representatives, a representative elected by the OSR, a representative elected by the ORR, and a liaison representative from the GSA, appointed by agreement of the Chairs of the GEA and the GSA. All shall be considered full voting members of the UGME Section Steering Committee.

The regional representatives shall be the Chair of the regions' UGME Section, if such a regional group has been formally organized, or shall be elected by the full regional constituency. This shall be determined by each region.

Terms of Office

The terms of office shall be as follows:

  • Past Chair - two years
  • Chair - two years
  • Chair-Elect - two years
  • Regional Representatives - two years
  • OSR Representative - as elected
  • ORR Representative - as elected
  • GSA Liaison - as appointed

Nomination and Election Process

The Chair-elect shall be electing in alternate years. After 2 years the Chair-elect rises to become Chair of the Section. That year the former Chair will become Past-Chair and will serve two years in that position. The past-Chair will Chair the nominating committee. Nomination for Chair-Elect shall be handled as outlined in the by-laws. Elections shall be handled in conjunction with other GEA elections. All individuals who have self-identified as members of the Section are eligible for holding any office in the Section. The nomination and election process shall be in compliance with the GEA By-laws. The UGME Executive Committee serves as the nominating committee.

Meetings of the Section and Steering Committee

The section shall meet annually at the Annual Meeting of the AAMC. There shall be regional meetings of the section in conjunction with the annual spring regional meetings of the GEA. The Steering Committee shall meet twice annually, once at the annual meeting of the AAMC and at a time in the spring immediately after the regional meetings to plan the annual meeting of the section. The Steering Committee is charged with carrying out the business of the section between the annual business meetings of the section.

About the UGME Section

Contact the UME Section

UGME Interim Chair
Gary L. Beck Dallaghan, PhD
Assistant Dean for Medical Education
University of Nebraska Medical Center

AAMC Staff
Emily Schutz
Program Specialist, Medical Education