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The purpose of the GME Section is to promote excellence in the education of physicians during residency training and thereby contribute to the health of the public. The GME Section fosters:

  1. the development and continued improvement of programs of graduate medical education (residency training) to enhance physician learning;
  2. the professional development of the teachers of graduate medical education;
  3. the advancement of research in graduate medical education and the dissemination of the results of that research;
  4. the development of policies that recognize the fundamental importance of graduate medical education.

A primary function of the GME Section is to advocate the enhancement of graduate medical education by:

  • promoting communication between the AAMC and members of the Section about GME issues including: regional and national faculty development programs; collaborative research projects; the management of curricula, etc.;
  • promoting communication among members of the GME Section;
  • contributing advice and input from informed Section members to the AAMC on matters related to graduate medical education.

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GME Section Chair
Jamie Padmore
Assistant VP, Academic Affairs
MedStar Health