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Human Resources Interest Group

The GBA HR Interest Group is a network of human resource professionals who broadly share ideas, challenges, best practices, and development opportunities.

Specific goals and activities of the GBA HR Interest Group include:

  • Contributing to a biannual newsletter to update Principal Business Officers on important/relevant HR current affairs
  • Participating on quarterly calls and on the GBA HR listserve
  • Assisting with ideas for and the delivery of potential webinars and toolkits
  • Submitting HR-related topics for breakout sessions at the GBA/GIP Spring Meeting; participating in Hot Topics Discussion Forums

Kevin Eide, Senior Director Total Rewards, Medical College of Wisconsin

AAMC Mailing Lists

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AAMC mailing lists are available for sharing valuable information and resources with our member institutions and constituents.

Past National Chairpersons

John Manning—2018
Anne Barnes—2017
Cameron Slocum—2016
Amy Sebring—2015
Cameron Slocum—2014
Ron Espirtiu—2013
Arnim Dontes—2012
Marcia Cohen—2011
Katherine Peck—2010
David Roe—2009
Tom Kupp—2008
Tom Jackiewicz—2007
William Elger—2006
Jeffrey Miller—2005
Judith Rothman—2004
Joann Strobbe—2003
Michael A. Hindery—2002
George Andersson—2001
David Perry—2000
Jaclyne Boyden—1999
Patricia St. Germain—1998
Philip Schrodel—1997
Byron Backlar—1996
Gregory Handlir—1995
Lee Fetter —1994
Deborah McGraw—1993
Robert Winfree—1992
Janice M. Arbuckle—1991
Richard A. Grossi—1990
Roger Meyer—1989
James Hackett—1988
John Deeley—1987
Lester G. Wilterdink—1986
Bernard McGinty—1985
Michael A. Scullard—1984
Mario Pasquale—1983
Robert B. Price—1982
Jerry Huddleston—1981
Bernard Siegel—1980
Richard G. Littlejohn—1979
Warren H. Kennedy—1978
C.N. Stover—1977
V. Wayne Kennedy—1979
M. James Peters—1975
Marvin H. Siegel—1974
Daniel P. Benford—1973
Thomas A. Fitzgerald—1972
William A. Zimmerman—1971
Hugh E. Hillard—1970
Joseph A. Diana—1969