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Human Resources Interest Group

The GBA HR Interest Group is a network of human resource professionals who broadly share ideas, challenges, best practices, and development opportunities.

Specific goals and activities of the GBA HR Interest Group include:

  • Contributing to a biannual newsletter to update Principal Business Officers on important/relevant HR current affairs
  • Participating on quarterly calls and on the GBA HR listserve
  • Assisting with ideas for and the delivery of potential webinars and toolkits
  • Submitting HR-related topics for breakout sessions at the GBA/GIP Spring Meeting; participating in Hot Topics Discussion Forums

Kevin Eide, Senior Director Total Rewards, Medical College of Wisconsin

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GBA Metrics Survey

How healthy is your medical school?

The GBA Metrics Surveys were developed by the GBA Data & Benchmarking Committee to help school, university and trustee leadership understand how their institution compares to other medical schools in key areas including finance, research, and clinical practice. Over the past five years, schools have relied on data from the metrics surveys to identify areas of strength and weakness, to set goals for the future, and to respond to requests from university boards.

  • The GBA metrics surveys have been simplified over the past five years, and schools need only complete those questions that are meaningful and relatively straightforward for their institution.
  • About 70% of schools participated in last year’s surveys.
  • ***Only schools who participate receive benchmarking data***

Metrics Reporting

View a sample metrics summary report based on selected cohorts (PDF).
In addition to the survey tool, we have also developed a cohort tool that allows you to select a sub-set of peer schools to compare your data, and a trending report.  View the surveys and report samples available in MSPS to participating schools.

Have access to accurate data you can use

Research Metrics
Research $ per Pl
Sponsored Programs Growth
$ per Square Foot               
Sponsored Programs Salary Support
Sponsored Awards in the Pipeline

Clinical Metrics
Days Cash on Hand
Net Income Margin %
Days in AR
Days in AR over 90
Payer Mix 

Finance Metrics
Days Cash on Hand
Operating Margin
Age of Plant
Debt Service Coverage
Unrestricted Net Assets
Revenue Diversification

Participating Schools

Are you a GBA member and looking for your institution's data? Your institution's designated Principal Business Officer or Dean have access to confidential data. Schools that participated in the GBA metrics surveys for a given year can download reports customized for their school in MSPS. Schools that did not participate will find a link to sample reports. The Medical School Profile System (MSPS), formerly known as the Institutional Profile System (IPS), was developed in 1972 to allow medical school administrators to perform intra- and inter-institutional comparisons, develop time-series data, and support accreditation activities. MSPS enables users to view and create benchmarking reports, access surveys, and download data at their convenience. Access MSPS.

What your colleagues are saying

“We share the Research and Clinical metrics with our basic and clinical science chairs, as well as the Dean’s staff. We discuss how we compare, where we do better/worse, then use the metrics to set our benchmarks for the following year.”

“The data are presented to the Dean, Chairs, and faculty. It is used in presentations to the University and legislators to show how the Medical School compares to other Medical Schools.”

“The data are used as points of emphasis by our dean where there are significant variances from the benchmarks.”

“[The data] are reviewed and discussed in detail. Where we look good, we brag about it. Where we are an outlier in the wrong direction, we use the information to analyze why and develop corrective actions as necessary, possible and appropriate.”

“We are a smaller institution but productive based on the number of faculty on our payroll. It’s important for us to be able to compare ourselves with the ratios. We don’t have a practice plan so we don’t use those data, but if we did they would important.”

“[The data are] extremely useful in presenting arguments regarding space, resources, programs, etc. to parent University leadership”

“[The data are] helpful in confirming performance benchmarks we’ve set for ourselves as well as areas of opportunity.”

“The research and finance data are used as a comparison in our institution.”


Login to view the Metrics tab in MSPS.


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