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News and Updates - April 2019

From the ROCC Desk

Advancing Evidence into Practice through Shareable Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

On Feb. 27, AAMC co-hosted a webinar with AcademyHealth featuring the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) CDS Connect. Dr. Edwin Lomantan of AHRQ described the CDS Connect Repository, presented findings from the project’s first use cases, identified CDS-related funding opportunities available through AHRQ, and highlighted ways stakeholders can contribute to CDS Connect.
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Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Medicine
In a new report, Promising Practices for Understanding and Addressing Salary Equity at U.S. Medical Schools, the AAMC presents findings from a first analysis of national salary trends by gender.

A recent AAMCNews article provides additional information on the subject, and the AAMC has made tools available to better understand and address faculty salary equity.

The NIH FY 2018 Cumulative Investigator Rate
In a recent blog post, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Deputy Director for Extramural Research, Michael Lauer, MD, provides information about the numbers of investigators applying for NIH grants, and those that are awarded NIH funding.


A Belmont Report for Health Data
The authors of this New England Journal of Medicine perspective argue, “Just as indignities common in research in living people led to the articulation of ethical principles in the Belmont Report 40 years ago, we believe contemporary concerns about data use call for stakeholders to promulgate ethical guidance for health data.”

Ensuring a Smooth Leadership Transition at NCI
Douglas R. Lowy, MD, has resumed his role of acting director of the NIH's National Cancer Institute (NCI), after former director Ned Sharpless, MD, left last month to serve as acting commissioner of the FDA. Dr. Lowy wrote about the transition in a Cancer Currents blog post, stating the NCI will "remain focused on supporting the very best science in pursuit of better understanding the causes of cancer and its pathogenesis, and improving our ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat it."


JAMA Highlights Use of Real-World Data in Clinical Research
Authors of the editorial The Evolving Uses of “Real-World” Data describe ways data can be used in clinical research and present the importance of the study results of another article published in JAMA, Association of Patient Characteristics and Tumor Genomics With Clinical Outcomes Among Patients With Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Using a Clinicogenomic Database, which they write “provides a glimpse at both the well-recognized power of data linkages to evaluate patterns of care and the unrealized potential to accelerate drug discovery.”

Scientists Review Influenza Vaccine Research Progress and Opportunities
As noted in an NIH press release, the April issue of the Journal of Infectious Diseases includes 15 articles describing “efforts to improve seasonal influenza vaccines and ultimately develop a universal influenza vaccine.” Authors include National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony S. Fauci, MD.


PCORI Reauthorization Update
The AAMC values Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s (PCORI) work in creating and promoting the uptake of evidence-based information to improve health care outcomes, and strongly supports a reauthorization of PCORI.

We are working with Government Relations Representatives at our institutions and are looking to our members to provide examples of outcomes of PCORI-funded research so that we may feature specific cases illustrating the importance of integrating PCORI research into practice. If you’d like to submit examples of how PCORI research has been implemented within your health system, or would like to share other ways that the research has been used, please email Anne Berry at

HHS Extends Comment Deadline for ONC and CMS Health Information Technology Proposed Rules
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it is extending the public comment period by 30 days for two health information technology proposed rules to allow additional time for the public to review the proposed regulations.

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