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Amy M. Kilbourne, PhD, MPH

Amy Kilbourne

Dr. Amy M. Kilbourne, PhD, MPH is Director of the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan (UM) Medical School. She is also Associate Director for Implementation and Policy for the UM Depression Center and the Director of the Michigan Mental Health Integration Partnership (MIP) whose goal is to improve the lives of Michigan residents with behavioral health care needs through public-private partnerships.

To learn more, download Dr. Kilbourne's ROCC Star Profile  and register for a webinar highlighting her work.

Member Q&A

Q: Could you please briefly describe your study of the implementation of the Re-Engage program?

Q: What techniques should researchers consider adopting when researching or deploying implementation strategies in areas with limited resources?

Q: What suggestions do you have for researchers and health systems in the evaluation of implementation models?

Q: Given you experience leading QUERI, what are the most difficult challenges in implementation of a learning health system?

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