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Member Spotlight

Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MHA, MPH

Roberto Cardarelli

Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MHA, MPH, is Professor and Chair for the Department of Family & Community Medicine for the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He also currently directs the Kentucky Ambulatory Practice-based Research Network that helps primary care clinics implement quality improvement models to improve the care they deliver to their populations.

Dr. Cardarelli is a recipient of the AAMC/Donaghue Foundation award and serves as the Principal Investigator of the Reducing the Lung Cancer Burden in Northeast Kentucky through an Academic Community Partnership: A Terminate Lunch Cancer (TLC) Study.

To learn more, download Dr. Cardarelli's ROCC Star Profile .

Q: Please describe the overall aim for the Terminate Lung Cancer (TLC) Study?

Q: Can you discuss your implementation strategy?

Q: How are you applying the lessons learned from this project as you approach other evidence-based implementation studies?

Q: What recommendations do you have for other researchers interested in including community partners in their research studies?

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