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Development of a Standardized and Accepted Process for Implementing and Evaluating Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) within an Academic Health Enterprise

Project Description

Our primary goal is to establish a process for the implementation and evaluation of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) throughout the University of Utah Healthcare (UUHC) system. The use of PROs in addition to more traditional clinical outcomes brings the patient voice back into the clinical encounter in a way that is measurable and reportable, PROs also ensure that the patient voice is present in the overall value equation (Value = Outcomes / Cost). By collecting PROs, we will be able to evaluate the optimal care delivery from both the outcome and cost perspectives. This will inform the maximization of overall Value throughout the UUHC system. Currently, the University of Utah Orthopaedics clinic uses tablet technology to gather PROs on more than 180 patients per day. A similar initiative is underway within the orthopaedic-affiliated Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation practices. However, both implementations use the same metrics, all of which are not appropriate for more generalized implementation. Overall, the University of Utah Healthcare system provides care for over one million ambulatory patients per year. This project will use current technology and create a process that is both scalable and replicable to administer patient health assessments to all ambulatory patients. Our process involves the use of Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs) supplemented with standard, disease-specific instruments. The results of the health assessments will be displayed real-time for the physician to use within the clinical care for the patient.

Primary Contact: Howard Weeks, M.D.
Institution: University of Utah Medical Group

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