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Creation of a Comprehensive Center for Informatics and Analytics

Project Description

In order to transition the University of Mississippi Medical Center from a data rich, but knowledge poor institution, to a healthcare organization driven by high quality decision making, the medical center established the Center for Informatics and Analytics on July 1, 2015. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the only academic medical center in the state and has three missions, Education, Research, and Healthcare. The center is responsible for centralizing reporting teams and efforts into well governed analytic teams. The transition will focus on moving the organization from relying on ad hoc reporting to a focus on data visualization, self-service discovery and integrated predictive analytics. Several key pieces of infrastructure are in place including a federated data warehouse, a data visualization and discovery platform (Qlik), mission focused data governance boards and an honest broker process for analytics requests and data release. This foundation will allow a rapid transition over the next 12-18 months and has significant leadership engagement.

Primary Contact: John Showalter M.D., M.S.I.S.
Institution: University of Mississippi Medical Center, Center of Informatics and Analytics

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