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Implementation of Value Driven Outcomes (VDO) to Enhance Clinical Operations, Health Services Research, and Population Health in an Academic Health Enterprise

Project Description

Becoming a Value Driven Organization is the mission of the University of Utah Health Care (UUHC). VDO (Value Driven Outcomes) is a groundbreaking initiative that defines and merges actual cost of care data with clinical data to assess care delivery value at the individual encounter level. VDO contains over 200 million line items of costing data including supply, pharmacy, laboratory tests, medical imaging, and facility/labor, and professional costs. VDO also incorporate standardized quality metrics & condition-specific outcomes to inform providers of the value of care as compared with comparable peers. In the setting of a shared vision to improve value and a workforce that is both skilled and committed to process improvement via Lean training, VDO data supports care delivery teams to facilitate development and implementation of value-driven care process. Further, encounter specific value assessment opens a door to various health services research projects, risk stratification of patients, and predictive analytics. The identification of clinical, social, behavioral, and genetic risk factors for high cost and/or poor outcomes is critically important for optimizing population health. With the insights gained from VDO, there is a potential for targeted and proactive interventions to efficiently improve population health. To support this healthcare transformation (both within UUHC and nationally), a blended learning program called Value University has been developed. This program aligns strongly with the mission of the AAMC Learning Health System, collaboration across health care organizations.

Primary Contact: Yoshimi Anzai, M.D., M.P.H.
Institution: University of Utah Health Care

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