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Development of a standardized and accepted process for creating, implementing, and evaluating value-driven care process models within an Academic Health Enterprise

Project Description: Our primary goal is to establish a process and usable standard procedures for developing and managing the content derived from value driven care process (VDCP) development projects. University of Utah Healthcare has been engaged in numerous efforts to develop and evaluate care process models. In fiscal year 2014, the organization supported the development of 10 new VDCPs including Palliative Care, New Seizure Time to Resolution, Rapid Access to Behavioral Health Clinical Evaluation, Elective Labor Induction, Acute Knee Pain, and so forth. These efforts result in improvements in our overall value equation (Value = (Quality + Service)/Cost) and generate diagrams that spawn order sets, documentation templates, alerts, and metrics for tracking care quality care. Each VDCP represents many hours of high cost effort by experts in clinical care, engineering, quality management, informatics, and IT. While some VDCPs are relevant for only a single specialty, many are designed by a team of specialists and primary care providers with the intent of guiding the initial work-up and referrals, particularly when residents in training are involved. We aim to define a process for developing and evaluating the VDCPs, and creating, ‘publishing’, and managing the artifacts (particularly the diagrams) generated by the efforts. We will evaluate the usability and comprehension of the artifacts by the target user stakeholders, and develop strategies to iteratively learn from and refine our processes in order to scale up efforts in the future.

Primary contact: Catherine Staes, Ph.D., M.P.H.; Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Institution: University of Utah HealthCare

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