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The Community Engagement Studio: Strengthening Research Capacity through Community Engagement

Project Description: The primary purpose of the Community Engagement Studio (CES) is to provide a proven, easy to replicate mechanism to advance community engagement in research. The CES has the potential to improve research in all three target areas (quality improvement research, health equity research and research that utilizes electronic health data) through systematic and facilitated inclusion of patient and community stakeholder perspective.

Even those researchers who have experience engaging patients and community stakeholders report barriers to implementing stakeholder engagement due to the lack of institutional infrastructure and resources needed to facilitate the process. To accommodate the growing need for stakeholder engagement, we have developed a systematic approach that facilitates meaningful engagement. This approach is efficient and minimizes burden on stakeholders and researchers. The CES allows researchers to obtain direct input from representative groups to enhance their research questions, design, implementation, translation and/or dissemination. Unlike most methods of stakeholder engagement, the CES reduces the burden on the researcher for identifying and recruiting stakeholders and facilitating the involvement.

Primary contact: Consuelo H. Wilkins M.D.; Executive Director, Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance
Institution: Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance, Vanderbilt University 

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