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The University of Chicago Hospitalist Scholars Program

Project Description: The purpose of the University of Chicago Hospitalist Scholars Program is to provide training in research, medical education, and quality improvement to help young physicians develop into successful academic hospitalists who can become leaders in these domains. The program is remarkable because it has been successful in developing leaders in research, medical education and quality improvement while requiring limited resources. The required resources include mentorship and opportunities for formal didactic instruction for the Scholars, and a functioning clinical research environment. The Hospitalist Scholars Program has been able to accomplish these goals because it provides scholars with masters level training in outcomes research, medical education, or related fields (e.g., public policy) and structured mentorship in an environment in which principles of the learning healthcare system have been applied to use the inpatient general medicine services as a laboratory for research, quality improvement and medical education.

The cost of the time of the scholars is covered by having them do half time inpatient clinical work (3 months) at a salary of about half standard hospitalist salaries, leaving 9 months in each of the 2 or 3 years of the program for the Scholars to develop their scholarly expertise. Graduates have almost uniformly remained in and thrived academic medicine, as evidenced by success in the receipt of K and R awards, or the equivalent, and leadership positions and national recognition in medical education and as clinical leaders.

Primary contact: David Meltzer M.D., Ph.D.; Chief, Section of Hospital Medicine
Institution: University of Chicago, Department of Medicine

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