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The AAMC Accelerating Health Equity, Advancing through Discovery (AHEAD) initiative seeks to identify, evaluate, and disseminate effective and replicable AAMC-member institution practices that improve community health and reduce health inequities.

Learn about AAMC medical research initiatives and publications.

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The Frontier and Rural Medicine Program (FARM)


FARM Brochure:

FARM Bibliography
Peer-reviewed publications:

  • Jensen B. Anderson S. Simanton E. The Impact of a Rural Training Track on Medical Students’ Specialty Choice.  South Dakota Medicine, June 2017.

  • Ludvik J. Anderson S. Huntington M. Epidemiologic study of bacteria zoonotic diseases in South Dakota: 2010-2014. South Dakota Medicine, June 2017.

  • Schafer N. Anderson S. Health Education in Rural South Dakota – Abstract. South Dakota Medicine, 2015, 68, (9).

  • Vogt HB, Simanton EG, Bien MN, Anderson, S.  Student perceptions of their value to patient care.  South Dakota Medicine, September 2014, Volume 67, Number 9

  • Simanton E., Vogt H.B., Anderson S.  Extenuating Circumstances:  Student Selection of Case Presentations for a Required Rural Family Medicine Clerkship. South Dakota Medicine, December 2013.

  • Anderson S., Vogt H.B.  Editorial, Hedging the Bet – Reflections on Betting the Farm. South Dakota Medicine, October 2013.

Non-print/Online materials:

  • Anderson S. Simanton E.  Correlations between Community Size and Student Perceptions of Value. Remote and Rural Health, July 27, 2017.

  • Hearns V. Anderson S. Harmelink L.  Education Column: Frontier And Rural Medicine: Cultivating a Rural Healthcare Workforce. STFM Messenger 2015, December.

Non-peer-reviewed publications:

  • Hearns V, Anderson S, Wallenburg B, Kozmenko V, Harmelink L, Bertsch K, Parham E. FARM (Frontier And Rural Medicine) Long Distance Clinical Skills Assessment in a Rural Setting via TeleOSCE, MedEdPORTAL’s iCollaborative, 2015. 

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Increasing opportunities for Native Americans to enter health care


Diversity Bibliography

  • Notable Native American Physician Speaks on USD  Campus, South Dakotan M.D., Spring/Summer, 22-23, 2017

  • Addiction Studies Program Inspires and Motivates,  South Dakotan Health,  10-11, 2015

  • Students Examine Career Opportunities in Health Care at USD Camp, South Dakotan M.D., Fall/Winter, 2012

  • G.J. Yutrzenka, L. H. Amundson.  USDSM Alumni Student Scholars Program: Successes of the First Decade. South Dakota Journal of Medicine 57(11):491-498, 2004.

  • G.J. Yutrzenka, USD School of Medicine Education Efforts to Address Native American Health Care in South Dakota,   Proceedings, First International Conference on Race: Racial Reconciliation, 2003

  • Boles A.L, G.J. Yutrzenka, D.A. Peterson, L. Kilawee.   Lifestyle Satisfaction of Rural, South Dakota, Family Practice Physicians.  South Dakota Journal of Medicine 53(6):235-240, 2000

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Health Equity Research and Programs



  • Brockevelt, B.L., Newland, L.A., Cerny, S.L., & Lawler, M.J. (2017). Activities within an ecological, relationship-based model of children’s subjective well-being: United States sub-study of the multinational qualitative study. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Feldhacker, D.R, Cerny, S., Brockevelt, B.L., & Lawler, M.J. (2017).

    Occupations and well-being in children and youth. Manuscript submitted for publication.

  • Lawler, M.J., Choi, C., Yoo, J., Lee, J., Roh, S., Newland, L.A., Giger, J.T., Sudhagoni, R., Brockevelt, B.L., & Lee, B.J. (2017). Children’s subjective well-being in rural communities of South Korea and the United States. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Lawler, M.J., Newland, L.A., Giger, J.T., Roh, S., & Brockevelt, B.L. (2017). Ecological, relationship-based model of children’s subjective well-being: Perspectives of 10-year-old children in the United States and 10 other countries. Child Indicators Research, 10, 1-18.
  • Newland, L.A., Giger, J.T., Lawler, M.J., Roh, S., Brockevelt, B.L., & Schweinle, A. (in press). Multilevel analysis of child and adolescent subjective well-being across 14 countries. Child Development.
  • Lawler, M.J., Newland, L.A., Giger, J.T., & Roh, S. (2015). Ecological, relationship-based model of 12-year-old children’s subjective well-being in the United States and ten other countries. Journal of Social Research & Policy, 6, 57-70.
  • Newland, L., Lawler, M.J., Giger, J.T., Roh, S., & Carr, E.R. (2015). Predictors of children’s subjective well-being in rural communities of the United States. Child Indicators Research, 8, 177-198.
  • Newland, L., Giger, J. T., Lawler, M. J., Carr, E. R., Dykstra, E. A., & Roh, S., (2014). Subjective well-being for children in a rural community, Journal of Social Service Research, 40, 642-661.

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