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The AAMC Accelerating Health Equity, Advancing through Discovery (AHEAD) initiative seeks to identify, evaluate, and disseminate effective and replicable AAMC-member institution practices that improve community health and reduce health inequities.

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About Health Equity Research and Policy

The AAMC recognizes that health inequities and disparities are deeply rooted in the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. Achieving a state where all people have the same opportunity to attain their full health potential — a state of health equity — will require solutions discovered through the full spectrum of research and collaborative efforts from all sectors of society.

Health disparities are measureable, systematic, and avoidable differences in health between groups, stemming from differences in levels of social advantage/disadvantage. Given academic medicine’s expertise, resources, and dedication both to individual and population health, the AAMC is committed to:

  • Assuring that academic medical centers and teaching hospitals are at the forefront of creating the evidence-base for solutions to health and healthcare inequities, and
  • Helping make the case for policies and practices that will explicitly incentivize health equity as a valued outcome for research, quality improvement, and health outcome-related initiatives.

To support our members’ efforts and build their capacity to move their communities and our nation toward health equity, AAMC has compiled these pages to disseminate solutions-focused research, funding and training opportunities, and constituent best-practices in health equity research and policy.

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AAMC Health Equity-Related Initiatives


Research on Care Community (ROCC)

The State of Health Equity Research: Closing Knowledge Gaps to Address Inequities Infographics

Print Publications

Diversity and Inclusion

Print Publications

Medical Education

Patient Care

Health Equity Topics


ROCChe is a forum for investigators, clinicians, and their partners to collaborate, share, learn and improve upon the design, conduct and implementation of research that aims to close or minimize disparities in health and health care.

Health Equity Systems Approach

The nation’s academic medical centers and their public health, community-based, and other partners are working to achieve health equity by improving population and community health and by making health care safer and more accessible, affordable, and equitable.

Contact Health Equity Research and Policy Staff

Philip M. Alberti, PhD
Senior Director, Health Equity Research and Policy

Karey M. Sutton, PhD
Director, Health Equity Research Workforce