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The AAMC Accelerating Health Equity, Advancing through Discovery (AHEAD) initiative seeks to identify, evaluate, and disseminate effective and replicable AAMC-member institution practices that improve community health and reduce health inequities.

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Health Equity Research and Policy

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New 2015 AAMC Health Equity Research Snapshot

The 2015 AAMC Health Equity Research Snapshot highlights seven federally funded research projects underway at AAMC-member institutions that aim to identify solutions to systematic and avoidable inequities in mental health and health care. Various influences including genetic, familial, cultural and environmental factors contribute to group differences in the prevalence of mental illness and the outcomes of treatment.  These seven projects were selected to demonstrate how research at every stage – from genetics to health policy research – contributes to closing or narrowing gaps in mental health and health care.

Grantees Announced for the AAMC AHEAD (Accelerating Health Equity, Advancing through Discovery) Initiative

After a competitive award process, AAMC has selected three member institutions to participate in the AAMC AHEAD initiative.
Over the next 3 years, these medical-legal partnerships (MLPs) will collaboratively develop and implement metrics to evaluate the impact of their MLPs on community health measures, cost savings to the health system or hospital, and learner outcomes.  The AAMC AHEAD program aims to build the evidence base of effective policies and practices that improve community health and minimize health inequities.  For more information, visit

AAMC Health Equity Research Virtual Site Visit (VSV)

In 2014, the AAMC created a new resource, Health Equity Research Virtual Site Visit, to highlight the outstanding health equity research portfolio at AAMC member institutions. New York University Langone Medical Center is featured as the second Virtual Site Visit, and features videos, webinars, presentations, journal articles, and other resources that reflect the cutting edge research, novel curricula, and innovative care delivery that can contribute to the evidence base for minimizing health and health care gaps. AAMC plans to work with two to three member institutions each year to curate content for the Health Equity Research Virtual Site Visit collection.

To learn more, visit To inquire about your institution being featured in an upcoming collection, email us at

AAMC ROCC Health Equity Subgroup

The ROCC Health Equity Subgroup will be a forum for investigators and clinicians to collaborate, share, learn and improve upon the design, conduct and implementation of research that aims to close or minimize disparities in health and health care.  

To join, please email with your title and contact information and “ROCC” in the subject heading.

See more information about the Research on Care Community (ROCC).

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Philip M. Alberti, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Health Equity Research and Policy

Karey M. Sutton, Ph.D.
Lead Specialist, Health Equity Research and Policy