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Learn about AAMC medical research initiatives and publications.

Advisory Panel on Research (APR)

The AAMC Advisory Panel on Research was formed in 1991 to guide the AAMCs efforts in biomedical research advocacy, education, policy formulation, and strategy development. The panel is charged with providing input on the resources needed to utilize the full scope of research to meet the health and health care needs of the nation; advising AAMC on how to facilitate a socially responsible and sustainable research mission at our medical schools and teaching hospitals beyond AAMC's advocacy for NIH funding; identifying innovative research models, including strategic resource reallocation, shifts from acquisition to access in core facilities, new non-traditional partnerships, aggressive integration and alignment to address new models of community outreach or health care delivery; identifying innovative models of research training to prepare a medical research workforce equipped to engage in the full scope of research from fundamental discovery to implementation science; as well as weighing-in on specific issues as requested by the AAMC President or Chief Scientific Officer.