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Highlights in Medical Education at the 2018 AAMC Annual Meeting

Highlights in Medical Education (formerly research and innovation abstracts) at the 2018 AAMC Learn Serve Lead Meeting are reports on important work worth sharing with the medical education community. Highlights will be presented in one of two formats: oral or poster. The presentation format will be determined by the program planning committee based on the thematic content of the abstracts. Oral presentations will be no longer than 10 minutes in duration. For information on full sessions at the meeting, please visit the session page.

Types of Highlights in Medical Education

Research Highlight
A Research Highlight is a report on a completed empirical investigation that contributes to medical education research and practice. In contrast to Research in Medical Education (RIME) Research Papers, the results of smaller-scale pilot projects, exploratory studies, or components of larger projects may be submitted as a Research Highlight. Presenting a project or part of a project as a Research Highlight does not preclude submitting the entire project as a RIME Research Paper in a subsequent year.

Innovation Highlight
An Innovation Highlight is a report on a program, project, or other unique educational experience far enough along in the developmental cycle to provide valuable lessons and insight worth sharing with the broad medical education community. Topics which may be new and timely at a local level may not be new or timely at the national level. Therefore, some proposals may not be accepted because they may have been previously addressed.

Format for Highlights in Medical Education

Abstracts were limited to 500 words and not to exceed 5,750 characters with spaces and not including title, authors, institutional affiliations and references. Abstracts were required to include the following:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Purpose
  • Approach/Methods
  • Results/Outcomes
  • Discussion
  • Significance
  • References

Review Criteria

Criterion Description
Topic of importanceTopic is relevant and timely for a national/international audience
ApproachThe authors effectively explain an approach that solves the problem identified
InterpretationFindings are presented in a clear manner, discussion is grounded in the literature
GeneralizabilityThe authors provide evidence that findings can be transferred to other settings

For more information email:

Call for Medical Education Content at Learn Serve Lead 2018: The AAMC Annual Meeting

The calls for Medical Education and RIME submissions are currently closed. All have been assigned for peer review, and acceptance decisions will be shared in early March. Please contact for more information