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Medical Academic Performance Services (MedAPS)

The AAMC is refining and developing tools to help member medical schools assess their achievement of education and accreditation standards. These new tools include:

These resources will optimize the use of medical education data, informing education research and supporting continuous improvements in academic program effectiveness.

News and Updates

2014-2015 CI Upload

The 2014-2015 Curriculum Inventory Upload Cycle began August 1 and ended September 30. 135 schools uploaded curricula this year: 127 US schools and 5 Canadian schools. Three osteopathic schools participated in our pilot. Congratulations to the University of North Carolina (US MD), the University of British Columbia (CA), and Western University of Health Sciences (US DO) for being the first schools in each of their categories to verify their data! Regional first places go to: Central: University of Nebraska; Northeastern: George Washington University; Southern: University of North Carolina; Western: University of Nevada. A complete list of participating schools is available here . More information about CI Uploads is available on the Curriculum Administrators page.

CI Website Update

We hope our new navigation panel has improved your experience with the CIR website. If you are have problems finding information, please send questions, comments, and suggestions to The Curriculum Reports page is being redesigned to make it easier to search for and access reports, and we are beginning the process of updating all existing CI Reports based on LCME Annual Questionnaire Part II with 2014-2015 data. We are excited to be adding new charts related to medical school admissions processes, number of scheduled hours per week, and quality assurance related to accreditation. Check back often for updates!

CI Standardized Vocabulary

The CI Standardized Vocabulary Subcommittee has posted revisions to the Standardized Vocabulary to MedEdPORTAL’s iCollaborative. Click here to access the revised document. Please use the discussion area to comment and/or suggest changes. The vocabulary will be discussed at the Medical Education Meeting in November, as well as at the November and December meetings of the CI Administrators’ Group. The document will be finalized in December and implemented with the AY 2015-2016 Curriculum Inventory Upload Cycle.

External Resources

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