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Project Management Fundamentals: Developing a Project Management Plan Webinar

(60 min.) This webinar provides an overview of the project management process, and explore the components of a project management plan that can be used by project managers to guide and implement activities. This webinar addresses APIH Fellowship cross-cutting competency domain 2: policy development/program planning skills.


  • Define a project and the characteristics of a project.
  • Describe the project management process and the components of a project management plan.
  • Outline the role of a project manager and the tools and techniques used to ensure effective project management.
  • Discuss the benefits of utilizing project management.

Sherese Johnson, MPH, PMP , Lead Specialist, Public Health Initiatives, AAMC

LaVonne Ortega, MD, MPH , Lead for Academic Partnerships, Division for Scientific Education and Professional Development (DSEPD), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Avee Ranjan, MCA, PMP, SCPM , Director, Program Management, AAMC

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