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Select Feedback from Past Participants

Participant takeaways include:

  • What impact bias has on your success and how to mitigate it in your interactions.

  • Increased understanding of the far-reaching effects of bias on healthcare.

  • Cutting-edge interventions you can take back to your institutions to effectively combat bias in recruitment, hiring, patient care, and more.

Selected Feedback:
Of those participants responding to the evaluation, 100 percent would recommend this workshop to others in their field or position.

“The workshop was excellent and surpassed my expectations.”

“This was a great experience. It gave me a chance to learn more about unconscious bias/diversity, about myself, and about colleagues doing the same work at other institutions.”

"I had a very positive experience and despite my jaded almost 30 years of experience found it eye and mind opening."

"The AAMC Cook-Ross Unconscious Bias Learning Lab was a productive immersion in understanding the mechanisms underlying unconscious bias and identifying bias in medical education and patient care settings. The composition of the participants, hailing from medical institutions diverse in size and culture made the experience rich and engaging. Exploration of our own unconscious bias-mechanisms at work in a non-threatening environment under expert guidance was particularly instructive. The workshop has provided me with more tools and strategies that would help me integrate unconscious bias learning opportunities in student and faculty recruitment, medical education and patient care activities at my institution."

"The AAMC co-sponsored Unconscious Bias Learning Lab with Howard Ross provided me with an intense experience of 'looking glass self'."

"Recognizing and understanding how our biases impact our thought process, how we make decisions, and how we interact with others, both individually and collectively, can be transformative in our everyday personal and professional lives.  This approach to diversity is a new and exciting way to see diversity in a non-threatening and beneficial way.  The fact that this approach is evidence based makes it all the more credible."

"Through the Unconscious Bias Learning Lab, I was able to distinguish and discover patterns of discriminating behavior which compels me to practice change in my decision making processes."

"I really enjoyed getting to know the other participants and was amazed at how safe of a space was quickly created for exploring these issues.  It was also helpful to start thinking about how to bring these new ideas back and ways to implement change from within this framework."

"The Learning Lab helped me develop a framework to articulate to stakeholders, the importance of including the diversity and inclusion perspective throughout the institution. I was able to provide the Executive Council and others an outline to ensure diversity and inclusion indicators and outcomes are embedded in the institutional effectiveness review of our strategic plan."

"The Unconscious Bias training provided us with important tools for self-awareness by actively engaging in exercises that we can utilize when we return to our institutions. The presentation of a broad overview of literature and data related to unconscious bias was very informative and the multi-modal approach of teaching the content was useful for different learners and well done."

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