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Benefits of Convey for Organizations

As a participating organization, you are able to:

  • Tailor the disclosure process, including designing additional questions, providing specific policy information and instructions to reporting individuals, and defining types of financial interests to disclose.
  • Receive only the information that is needed from a discloser’s data to satisfy your
    organization's requirements.
  • Comply with federal regulations and other national policies.
  • Access any disclosure that has been submitted to your organization, upload lists of individuals to invite to disclose, send reminders, track submissions, run reports, and review directly within Convey.
  • Export data automatically from Convey to your own management systems.
  • Be assured that the information disclosed to you is consistent with information disclosed to
    other organizations.
  • Focus on the management of financial conflicts of interest, not the disclosure-collection process.

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See How Convey Works

Convey Video

This instructional video shows the process individuals go through when they disclose through Convey. As a participating organization, you will be able to tailor the disclosure process and information you receive to meet your needs. The AAMC will provide training materials and videos like this one to help individuals learn how to use Convey.