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Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS)

The Physician Competency Reference Set (PCRS) is a list of common learner expectations utilized in the training of physicians and other health professionals. PCRS will serve as an aggregation tool that allows the AAMC to collect and analyze data through the Curriculum Inventory about competency-based education and the use of expectations (competencies, objectives, milestones, EPAs, etc.) in medical education. Possible reporting includes information on:

  • What competencies schools are incorporating into their curricula;
  • Where in their curricula schools are incorporating expectations and competencies;
  • How schools are teaching and assessing competencies; and
  • In what context and/or content competencies are being taught.

The development of PCRS is documented in the August 2013 Academic Medicine article, Toward a Common Taxonomy of Competency Domains for the Health Professions and Competencies for Physicians External Link (Englander, Cameron, Ballard, Dodge, Bull, & Aschenbrener).

Final PCRS List with Partial URIs for Curriculum Inventory Uploads 

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