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Upload Update

Uploads of Academic Year 2015-2016 curriculum data began August 1 and ended September 30. Detailed information regarding working with the Curriculum Inventory Portal can be found in the User Manual .

Review the list of 2015-2016 Participating Schools .

Review the list of 2014-2015 Participating Schools .

Review the list of 2013-2014 Participating Schools .

Review the list of 2012-2013 Participating Schools .

Additional resources are listed below. For more information or assistance, contact

Standardized Vocabulary

The Curriculum Inventory Standardized Vocabulary was revised in Summer 2016 and goes into effect with the 2016-2017 Curriculum Inventory Upload. Please send comments and suggestions to

CI in Context

The January CI in Context highlighted Measuring the Clinical Learning Environment. View all CI in Context Issues

If you are interested in providing commentary on an existing CI Chart or have an idea for a new CI Chart for which you would like to provide commentary, please contact

CI Resources

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