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Research on Care Community

ROCC is the research arm of the AAMC’s Best Practices for Better Care initiative, but is also open to all interested member medical schools and teaching hospitals.

The AAMC is proud to partner with UHC External Link on this initiative.

Integrating Quality (IQ)


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Best Practices for Better Care

We're Making Sure Our Best Practices Make the Rounds

Best Practices for Better Care

From medical breakthroughs to the latest treatments, America’s medical schools and teaching hospitals, and their physicians and scientists, have a legacy of advancing medicine and setting the standard for the best patient care.  Now, we are working together to create Best Practices for Better Care, a multi-year initiative to improve the quality and safety of health care.   

Through Best Practices for Better Care, we are putting proven practices in place to ensure safer surgeries, reduce infections, and cut hospital readmissions. We are building an even stronger culture of quality and safety in medicine by passing on these best practices to every new doctor we train and making sure quality and safety is part of medical education from day one.  And through research and evaluation, we will continue to refine these best practices, discover new ones, and share our knowledge with others to improve health and health care in the future.

2014 BPBC Most Improved Case Studies

A series of case studies that highlight most-improved organizations is now available. Most-improved organizations were identified based on clinical outcomes data, staff survey results, and engagement in Best Practices for Better Care projects and educational programming. AMCs can use these case studies to accelerate local quality improvement and patient safety activities that integrate clinical, education and research.

The Best Practices for Better Care Commitment

In this first phase of Best Practices for Better Care, participating medical schools and teaching hospitals have committed to:

  • Teach quality and patient safety to the next generation of doctors
  • Ensure safer surgery through use of surgical checklists
  • Reduce infections from central lines using proven protocols
  • Reduce hospital readmissions for high-risk patients
  • Research, evaluate, and share new and improved practices.

Over time, this list of commitments to Best Practices for Better Care will continue to grow.

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