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Meetings and Presentations

anEvery year, workforce studies presents data and analysis and convenes workforce community leaders at two annual events: the Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference in May and the AAMC Annual Meeting in November.

15th AAMC Annual Health Workforce Research Conference

Please Note: The Call For Abstract Deadline has been extended until Monday, January 7, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST.

Click here to submit abstracts for the 15th Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference.

Join us for the 15th Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference titled, "Developing a health workforce for 2030 and beyond", which will be held at the The Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, Va., from May 1-3, 2019.

The AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference is the premier opportunity for researchers, educators, and policymakers to meet and discuss state and federal health workforce issues. We will begin accepting abstracts on November 3, 2018. Applicants are welcome to submit either individual abstracts as a presentation or poster, or full panels of three to four related presentations. Abstracts not accepted for a panel or oral presentation will be automatically considered for a poster.

We will also be offering one award each for Best Student Abstract Award and Best Student Poster Award this year. You must indicate that you are a student when submitting your abstract in ordered to be considered for these awards. Students who wish to be considered for the Best Student Abstract Award will need to provide the name and email of at least one faculty member, supervisor, or mentor with whom they are working or with whom they worked on the research. Faculty members do not need to be co-authors on the submitted work, and they will be informed once the submission is completed.

(Note: There are no monetary prizes associated with these awards.)

For your convenience, we have provided a list of topics of interest below.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing the Future Health Workforce We Need

    • Monitoring and assessing health workforce trends in terms of work hours, practice characteristics, retirement patterns, gender, age, and race/ethnicity composition, and geographic distribution
    • Assessments of training programs, especially those targeting underserved populations, promoting diversity, or programs attempting to incorporate new models of care and new roles for workers
    • Research on deploying current and future technologies to improve access and health service quality
    • How change and uncertainty impact the workforce
    • Estimations of the workforce we need, where we need them, and what we need them doing
    • Evaluations of partnerships needed to connect the health workforce with the communities they serve
  • Health Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

    • Trends in the diversity of the health workforce and health professions trainees, especially research that explicitly addresses intersectionality
    • Strategies for improving the diversity of the health workforce
    • Studies that examine the benefits of a diverse health workforce
    • Diversity and inclusion programs, content, and curricula in health professions training
  • Serving the Community in Need: Diversity and Health Equity Issues

    • Local area or community health needs assessments highlighting barriers to health care access
    • Strategies, policies and programs for reducing or eliminating health disparities
    • Determinants of population health (especially social determinants of health)
    • Access to care – both documenting disparities therein and programs, policies and strategies for reducing or eliminating access barriers
    • State or health system case studies highlighting innovative use of the health workforce to address the specific needs of diverse communities and populations
  • Implications of Care Delivery Models and System Redesign

    • Innovative approaches to care and education
    • Changing roles within the current health workforce
    • State or health system case studies highlighting innovative care delivery solutions
    • Implications of care delivery innovations for the health workforce
  • Health Workforce Wellness

    • Health professions’ mental and physical health: trends and measures
    • Studies of the health care work environment
    • Initiatives focusing on health workforce wellness
    • Balancing work and life as a health professional
  • Workforce Data and Methodologies

    • Data collection efforts and methods
    • Innovative use of existing or new data sources
    • Innovative analysis techniques and methodology advancement
    • Data visualization, display and dissemination methodologies

Michael Dill, or Da’Shia Davis,


Annual Address on the State of the Physician Workforce

AAMC’s Annual Meeting, Learn Serve Lead, will be in Austin, Texas, November 2-6, 2018. On Saturday, November 3, at 10:30 a.m., AAMC’s Director of Workforce Studies, Michael Dill, will deliver the Annual Address on the State of the Physician Workforce. He will provide an overview of the latest physician workforce projections and multiple factors that influence workforce needs, including undergraduate and graduate medical education (UME and GME) trends; the workforce implications of emerging trends such as integrating new team members into care, work hours, and retirement; and the growth in telehealth use. The 2018 Annual Address on the State of the Physician Workforce will include the most recent data on the physician workforce, including trainees, practitioners, and faculty as appropriate. New data and trends in trainee and workforce diversity will be presented, as will current data and research on access to care, especially for vulnerable populations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Factors affecting physician workforce projections
  • Trends in physician workforce diversity
  • Characteristics associated with barriers to health care access

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