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Workforce Studies

The mission of the AAMC Workforce Studies team is to be the pre-eminent resource for physician workforce projections, data, and research, providing support and value to AAMC and AAMC’s members, and leadership to the health workforce research community.


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13th Annual Health Workforce Research Conference - Call for Abstracts

HWRC 2017

The AAMC is soliciting abstracts for health workforce research presentations for the 13th Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference, which will be held May 3-5, 2017, in Arlington, Va. The theme this year is: Working Together for Health: Aligning the Health Workforce with Population Needs. The AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference is the premier opportunity for researchers, educators, and policymakers to meet and discuss state and federal workforce issues. Learn more about the meeting.

Featured Data and Reports

2016 Physician Specialty Data Report

2016 Physician SpecialtyPublished biennially, this Workforce Studies report provides the most current data available about the active physicians and physicians in training. A series of figures and tables provide detailed statistics on active U.S. physicians and physicians in residency and fellowship programs, who are in the 43 largest specialty groups.

Results of the 2015 Medical School Enrollment Survey

Enrollment ReportThis report presents projections of medical school first-year enrollment through 2025 as well as other enrollment-related data using results from the fall 2015 Survey of Medical School Enrollment Plans.

The 2016 Update: Complexities of Physician Supply and Demand: Projections from 2014 to 2025

Complexities of Physician Supply and DemandThe 2016 Update: Complexities of Physician Supply and Demand: Projections from 2014 to 2025, conducted by IHS Inc. on behalf of the AAMC, presents workforce projections that reflect the potential impact of a variety of health care delivery and policy scenarios. The study is an update to last year’s report. It incorporates the most current and best available evidence on health care delivery and responds to questions received after releasing the prior report.
Download the full report 

Innovations at the Interface of Primary and Specialty Care

Innovations ReportAs health systems adapt to focus increasingly on maximizing the value of care they deliver, more and more are coming to recognize the importance of improving efficiency and quality at the interface of primary care and specialty care. This report profiles three institutions engaged in referral innovations that aim for a more efficient use of provider time, teamwork, and training to improve both health outcomes and the patient experience of care.

2015 State Physician Workforce Data Book

DatabookPublished biennially, this Workforce Studies report provides state-specific data about active physicians and physicians in training. A series of figures, tables, and maps provide detailed statistics on active physicians, medical and osteopathic students, and residents and fellows.
Looking for a summary of your state's workforce data? Click here for a list of state profiles.
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Exploring Resilience: What Do We Know?

Well-being in academic medicine has emerged as a critical issue facing faculty, physicians, researchers, residents, and students. With this in mind, the AAMC dedicated its June 2016 Leadership Forum to a range of topics addressing depression, resilience, burnout, and increased suicide among physicians, residents, and students. To inform these endeavors, AAMC's Workforce Studies team prepared a set of slides that summarize the literature and available data on burnout among medical students, residents, and practicing physicians.

Slides  on Physician, Resident, and Medical Student Burnout.

AAMC's resources on Well-being in Academic Medicine.

Presentations & Events

Download  the Annual Address of the Physician Workforce presented at Learn Serve Lead 2016, November 11-15, 2016.

13th Annual Health Workforce Research Conference, May 3-5, 2017
Arlington, Va.

Click here for more information.