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U.S. Medical School Faculty, 2016

Distribution of Full-time U.S. Medical School Faculty by:
Table 1:DepartmentPDF 1 Excel 1 
Table 2:Medical School and Department TypePDF 2 Excel 2 
Table 3:Rank and Race/EthnicityPDF 3 Excel 3 
Table 4:Rank and DepartmentPDF 4 Excel 4 
Table 5:Degree and Race/EthnicityPDF 5 Excel 5 
Table 6:Degree and DepartmentPDF 6 Excel 6 
Table 7:Degree and RankPDF 7 Excel 7 
Table 8:Sex and Race/EthnicityPDF 8 Excel 8 
Table 9:Sex and RankPDF 9 Excel 9 
Table 10:Sex and DegreePDF 10 Excel 10 
Table 11:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and RankPDF 11 Excel 11 
Table 12:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and DegreePDF 12 Excel 12 
Table 13:Sex, Rank, and DepartmentPDF 13 Excel 13 
Table 14:Sex, Degree, and DepartmentPDF 14 Excel 14 
Table 15:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Rank, and Tenure StatusPDF 15 Excel 15 
Table 16:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and DepartmentPDF 16 Excel 16 
Table 17:Sex, Degree, Race/Ethnicity, and Specialty
Table 18:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Degree, and DepartmentPDF 18 Excel 18 
Table 19:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Tenure Status, and DepartmentPDF 19 Excel 19 
Table 20:Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Rank, and DepartmentPDF 20 Excel 20 

Due to limitations of the data, the Faculty Roster no longer provides counts of faculty by specialty. As a result, table 17 (Distribution of Full-time Faculty by Sex, Degree, Race/Ethnicity, and Specialty) is no longer available.

"OHD" denotes "Other Health Doctorate" which includes doctorates in dentistry, veterinary medicine, public health, optometry, and other health-related fields.