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Funding Sources and Uses

Funding Sources

In a cost-sharing arrangement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under contract HHSN263201400016C, the NIH covers selected expenses for certain AAMC staff associated with the Faculty Roster. The AAMC staff listed below are supported, in part, by this cost-sharing arrangement. The AAMC devotes additional resources from its full-time computer programming staff to develop the user interfaces and the data infrastructures for Faculty Roster applications.

Hershel Alexander, PhD, Director, Data Operations and Services

Andrew Bäck, Research and Data Analyst

Yolanda Gener, DMD, Research and Data Analyst

Tai Pham, Research and Data Analyst

Rae Anne Sloane, Lead Research and Data Analyst

Stefanie Wisniewski, Manager, Data Operations and Services


The NIH uses the Faculty Roster to help inform a variety of policy decisions, often through the merging of Faculty Roster data with NIH data on grants, trainees, and fellows. Over the years, the merged data have assisted the NIH to address a variety of issues, such as the aging of faculty, the recruitment of new assistant professors, the proportion of faculty pursuing scholarly activity, and the representation of IMG faculty versus other faculty among NIH principal investigators. In addition, the NIH has utilized Faculty Roster staff for special reports on topics such as the percentage of neuroscience trainees becoming faculty members; the percentage of "Yellow Berets" becoming deans, chairs, or faculty; and the proportion of surgical faculty receiving NIH awards.

The Faculty Roster has served as a popular resource for a variety of analyses outside the NIH as well. The current bibliography of Faculty Roster citations contains over 300 publications on topics such as minority and female faculty representation, faculty attrition, foreign-educated faculty, postdoctoral versus nonpostdoctoral career paths, and faculty research activity.

Other benefits of the Faculty Roster include complimentary web reports to aid management and planning activities. These reports are available to the Faculty Roster representatives at each participating medical school. Among the reports are continuously updated alumni reports that show the number of graduates from each medical school who have become faculty members or chairs.

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