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Looking for AAMC Data?

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Individuals seeking data about medical schools, teaching hospitals, and medical students can request custom projects from the AAMC.

FACTS: Applicants, Matriculants, Graduates, M.D.-Ph.D., and Residency Data

The AAMC FACTS tables present data on U.S. medical school applicants, matriculants, enrollments, graduates as well as data on M.D.-Ph.D. students and on residents. 

To reflect changes in how data are collected and in what data are collected, the AAMC may from time to time delete, modify, or add tables. The current tables reflect the most recently analyzed data available. Given the amount of data that the AAMC collects, creating all possible table displays would be impracticable. But should there be a table that you would like to see added or modified, email We will then explore what changes to the website might be possible.