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Looking for AAMC Data?

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Individuals seeking data about medical schools, teaching hospitals, and medical students can request custom projects from the AAMC.

AAMC Student Surveys

Post-MCAT Questionnaire (PMQ)

The PMQ is administered to those registered to take the MCAT® exam. The PMQ seeks to understand the experiences and future plans of those considering medicine and other health and science careers.

Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ)

MSQ is a national questionnaire administered annually to U.S. matriculating medical students assessing topics including pre-medical experiences, the medical school selection process, choosing medicine as a career, and future career plans and interests.

Year Two Questionnaire (Y2Q)

The Y2Q is a national questionnaire administered annually to all U.S. second-year medical school students. The questionnaire asks students to share their thoughts on the learning climate, adjustments to medical school, and future career plans.

Graduation Questionnaire (GQ)

The GQ is a national questionnaire administered by the AAMC. It is an important tool for medical schools to use in program evaluation and to improve the medical student experience.

Canadian Medical School Graduation Questionnaire (CGQ)

The CGQ was administered by the AAMC from 2001 to 2014 to students graduating from participating M.D.-degree-granting programs in Canada. Starting in 2015, the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) operates the AFMC GQ.