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Growth in Medical School Enrollment and Related Clerkship Sites Availability

This Analysis in Brief (AIB) presents the latest findings on projected first-year enrollment at U.S. medical schools and discusses the growing concerns around clerkship opportunities. Results show that first-year enrollment at U.S. medical schools has increased by 29% since 2002, and is expected to continue to grow in future years. With this increase, the demand for clinical training experiences has also increased. Results show that in 2017, 85% of respondents were concerned or very concerned about the number of clinical training sites, which is higher than previous years.  The majority of respondents reported competition for clinical training sites with DO-granting schools and with other health professions, such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners, and the percentage of respondents reporting difficulties have steadily increased over time. As enrollment across health professions increases and medical school enrollment is projected to continue to increase, it is anticipated that clerkship concerns will persist and will likely continue to grow.

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