Make the Decision

With all the information you’ll have gathered about yourself and your options, you should be well equipped to choose your specialty with confidence. However, that doesn’t mean your final decision will be easy. It requires that you compile all you’ve learned and seriously analyze where you best fit. You’ll need to prioritize your personal characteristics as well as your career goals and assess how well the specialties you’re considering meet those needs.

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  • Notepad and computer

    You have completed the Careers in Medicine self-assessments and better understand yourself. You've explored specialties and practice settings and narrowed your options. It's time to bring it all together to choose your specialty(ies) and make a plan for applying for residency.

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  • Surgeon in front of chalk board with question marks

    The "specialty fairy" will not bop you on the head with the perfect specialty choice for you. You must actively engage in the process. At this point, you're best situated for this major decision if you thoroughly understand yourself and your career options.

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  • Doctor teaching resident

    You can take any of various approaches to making decisions. Learn how others approached their specialty choice, processed the information they had gathered, and ultimately made a specialty decision and plan for applying to residency.

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