Other Practice Options

While traditional clinical practice is the most common practice option, it's certainly not the only practice option. In fact, many opportunities exist for physicians to use their knowledge and skills, such as in academic medicine, administration, and research. What's more, smaller but established (and, in some cases, expanding) fields such as aerospace medicine, public health and service, journalism and communications, and consulting offer additional career options. And new options and opportunities are emerging through a recent trend in doctorpreneurship.

Understanding who you are empowers you to be creative in crafting a career that maximizes the synergy of your personal strengths and attributes with your specific medical knowledge and skills. Feel free to think outside the box!

Two doctors meet with an administrator
  • Doctor in front of a classroom

    The tripartite mission of teaching, research, and clinical care defines academic medicine and creates an exciting, intellectually stimulating work environment. Many career tracks — and thus a wide variety of satisfying careers — are available for academic physicians and scientists.

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  • Seated businessman

    A small but growing number of medical school graduates are choosing alternative careers. These paths less taken often make good use of a physician's medical, scientific, and clinical skills — although success often hinges on other skills and qualifications a candidate brings beyond the medical degree.

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  • Hospital staff meeting with administrators

    It’s the end of my third year in medical school. I don’t like any of the clinical specialties and am not sure how competitive I’ll be for a good residency — specialty or program. I want to skip the residency match, get my MBA, and work as a medical director for an insurance company, hospital, or a life sciences organization or in the investment industry. What are my options, and how do I get there as quickly as possible?

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