Transition to Residency

Once you match into a residency program, you start other adventures; specifically, wrapping up your medical school career and planning for your new life as a resident. In addition to arranging the logistics including addressing your own medical insurance, repaying your school loans, moving to a new location, and finding employment for a spouse, there's the anticipation of what residency will be like.

You may have heard stories from residents. And while some residency experiences are universal, some vary as many factors are at play. Luckily, many residents have come before you and you can prepare and resolve many of your questions prior to day one.

Spring 2015 (transition to residency)- Female Resident with Doctor
  • Spring 2015 (transition to residency) Resident looking at charts with doctor (thumbnail)

    Some residents consider the intern year as a break. Rather than coast through this experience, maximize this period of training by paying attention and learning as much as you can. Here’s what to do and why.

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