Every fall and winter, thousands of fourth-year medical students travel hundreds of miles and collectively spend millions of dollars to interview for residency positions. It's an expensive, time-consuming process — one that often leaves students feeling uncomfortable and uncertain about what to expect. Employ the resources available to you — especially your advisor(s), so you can most effectively manage the process. This will lessen the bandwidth devoted to those activities and, rather, allow you to redirect that energy to presenting your best self and finding the program(s) that best fit.

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    Here's what you can expect from the residency interview process, including the role of the interview in the application process, applicants' general interview experience, the timeline for the interview trail, and visit length and format.

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    By now, you should have created your fourth-year schedule. Now it's time to determine your optimal number of interviews and approach to scheduling appointments as well as learn how to curtail and fund the costs of the interview trail.

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  • Interview notes

    The keys to successfully navigating the interview trail and nailing each interview are preparation and flexibility. The first impression programs receive, how you answer common questions, and the questions you ask your interviewers will impact the outcome of this opportunity.

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    You’ve been worrying about interview invites, spending your bank account balance on travel, preparing for every possible interview question, and practicing your dazzling smile in the mirror. It’s almost show time. But first, a few tips to ensure the best first impression possible.

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