Match Timeline

View the 2019 ERAS timeline for residency applicants
Class YearPeriodActivities and Tasks

Year 3

November - March
May - June
  • MyERAS® opens to all applicants to begin entering residency application information in early June
  • Obtain your ERAS token from your student affairs office or, if you’re an international student or graduate, from the ECFMG®
  • Receive ERAS tokens from your Designated Dean’s Office (Medical School of graduation)
  • Canadian Medical Graduates contact CaRMS to receive ERAS tokens
  • Complete your residency application
  • Register for early match programs (e.g., San Francisco Match), if applicable
  • Discuss with your advisor the best time to take the USMLE Step 2 exam. Schedule your exam and begin preparing
  • Make an appointment with your student affairs office to discuss the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) process
  • Identify and contact faculty to request letters of recommendation

Year 4

July - August
  • Research residency programs
  • MSPEs are released to all programs in ERAS on October 1
  • Monitor the number of interview invitations you receive. If you've been offered fewer than 10 interviews by mid- to late October, contact your advisor or student affairs office to discuss your options
  • Go to residency interviews
November - December
  • Early registration for the Main Residency Match closes November 30
  • Continue your residency interviews
  • Evaluate and compare residency programs by completing the Residency Preference Exercise
  • Military match results are available
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss how to rank your programs
January - February
  • Urology residency match results are available
  • Enter your rank order list for the early match by the January deadline. Results will be available in mid-January
  • Finalize and enter your rank order list for the Main Residency Match for the mid-to-late-February deadline
  • Log in to the NRMP’s R3 system on Monday of Match Week (the third week of March) to see whether you matched to a program
  • If you didn’t match, you may be eligible to enter the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). Find details at
  • Participate in your school’s Match Day ceremony (on Friday of Match week), and find out where you matched
April - June
  • Sign the contract with your residency program
  • ERAS season ends on May 31. It is recommended for you to save your application and CV for your records before the ERAS season ends
  • Graduate and prepare to begin residency
  • Start preparing to move