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The CiM website now offers a tailored experience based on who you are, highlighting what's important to you when it's important to you. Many of the articles and data are now specific to particular users (e.g., U.S. M.D. users, U.S. D.O. users, Canadian users, users from international medical schools) and will display only to those users. So you see the data, information, and advice relevant to you.

This tailored information now includes

  • descriptions of and data for more than 135 specialties, including

    • competitiveness data including USMLE and COMLEX scores,
    • prerequisites and length of training for ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs,
    • salary and lifestyle information, and
    • patient profiles;
  • descriptions of and data for more than 60 Canadian specialties, including

    • patient profiles,
    • salary and lifestyle information, and
    • prerequisites and length of training;
  • advice for successfully navigating the residency application and match process;
  • career self-assessments to help connect you to your preferred specialties; and
  • a database of all active ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs.

For those who advise or mentor medical students, in addition to the above, the new website features

  • online articles to help you effectively use CiM resources in your work with
    students as well as improve your advising skills
  • canned presentations, workshops, and other group activities to use at your school

To access CiM, first sign in with your AAMC account.