Spotlight on Specialties

  • Family medicine (FM) physicians provide continuous and comprehensive care — promoting wellness and treating a broad range of conditions — for persons of all ages and both genders. “It seems I’m constantly clarifying for people that family physicians see children and provide gynecologic care and many also provide obstetric care,” says Katherine Cole, M.D., staff physician at Jeanie Schmidt Free Clinic in Herndon, Va.

    “Some patients believe they must see a pediatrician or Ob-Gyn. They don’t realize family medicine is a specialty or the broad spectrum of care family docs can offer. They believe family physicians are general practitioners — no residency or board certification,” she says. “These misconceptions do not interfere with providing the best care. When patients learn family docs can provide more care than they thought, it merely provides them more options.”

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  • Doctor greeting a family with two children.

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