Spotlight on Specialties

  • “Very few people fully understand what anesthesiologists do,” says Michelle Au, M.D., a staff anesthesiologist with Physician Specialists in Anesthesiology at St. Joseph’s Hospital, a tertiary care community hospital in Atlanta. “This includes medical professionals as well as laypeople.”

    Mark A. Singleton, M.D., an adjunct clinical professor of anesthesiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, Calif., and chair of the American Society of Anesthesiology’s (ASA’s) committee on pediatric anesthesia, agrees. “Patients generally have no idea the complexity nor the effort behind their anesthetic, as indicated by the phrase ‘Just put me out doc.’”

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  • Anesthesiologist in Operating Room

Match Corner

  • Women interviewing with two men

    Preparing and practicing your responses to interview questions is key to interviewing success. Several questions often asked by interviewers trip up applicants who haven’t prepared for them. How you answer these questions can leave a quite positive — or negative — impression on the program interviewers. Here’s advice for answering these questions effectively so you can maximize your chance for success.

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