Spotlight on Specialties

  • Internists are physicians who specialize in internal medicine (IM), which includes two broad categories:

    general internists, who manage the broad and comprehensive spectrum of illness that affects non-pregnant adults. These physicians are recognized as experts in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness as well as health promotion and disease prevention, often consulting with specialists. General internists, also called generalists, can choose to work solely in the outpatient setting as primary care physicians or as hospitalists who predominantly work with hospitalized adult patients.

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  • Doctors examine an xray

Match Corner

  • Consult

    You must sell yourself effectively and make a great impression, but you’re interviewing the program as well. You’ll likely be interested in multiple programs, and the interview is your best opportunity to discover which program is the best fit. So how do you try on each program?

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CiM Toolbox

  • Chalkboard with different words pointing to career

    Sound vocational theory says you’re more likely to be satisfied in your professional life if your career matches your personal and environmental characteristics such as interests, values, personality, and skills. In medicine, these aspects of yourself can be reflected in your preferred practice setting(s), patient type(s), medical condition(s), colleagues, and tasks and activities.

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