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  • Can one person make a difference? You bet — if you become a general surgeon. “You can correct serious conditions, reduce or eliminate pain, or increase the chance to live a long, quality life,” says Anthony A. Meyer, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chair of the department of surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, N.C.

    While surgical subspecialties are increasingly popular, there’s an aspect of practice that primarily distinguishes general surgery from surgical subspecialties: the diversity of cases. “I like the combination and breadth of activities: cancer, trauma, abdominal, vascular, and extremity cases as well as the immediacy and acuteness of problems and the need for intervention,” Dr. Meyer says.

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  • Table of supplies for a surgery.

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    Values play an important role in the choices we make and in the satisfaction and quality of life we experience at home and at work. CiM’s Physician Values in Practice Scale (PVIPS) is a self-assessment that helps you understand what’s important to you in your career and how you want to practice medicine.