Spotlight on Specialties

  • “Grow up, get over it, and pick a specialty.” This was the standard response when a physician declared an interest in the combined specialty internal medicine-pediatrics during the dual discipline's early years, says John K. Chamberlain, M.D., FAAP,MACP, clinical professor of medicine and pediatrics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in Rochester, N.Y. But why the rumpus? Because physicians trained in internal medicine-pediatrics (IM-Peds) can care for the whole family, similar to physicians trained in family medicine. And some physicians likely felt the combined specialty was unnecessary.

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Match Corner

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    Your personal statement is an important tool for selling yourself in the residency application process. Since it’s the only part of the application you have complete control over, it’s your voice and your chance to give insight into who you are beyond test scores, clerkship grades, and medical school activities.

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