Spotlight on Specialties

  • Physiatry, or its official name physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), is one of those specialty areas that often goes unrecognized. It’s a small specialty but the physicians in the field do some very big work. They are the physicians mainly responsible for synthesizing the diagnosis and treatment of physical disabilities or catastrophic injuries. If there is an injury or physical disability stemming from any number of causes (i.e., trauma, sport injury, birth defect, disease, or musculoskeletal disorder), a physiatrist will diagnose, evaluate, and plan the comprehensive treatment and pain management for these patients. They get a patient’s function and daily living back to normal, or as normal as possible, using a holistic approach. With the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare specialists, a physiatrist’s main goal is helping patients work to achieve the highest level of physical, psychological, social, and vocational function possible by way of a carefully planned rehabilitation.

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  • Crutches

CiM Toolbox

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    As you gather knowledge and skills during medical school, your clinical rotations are going to be a valuable experience, not just for learning how to be a good physician, but also to help you figure out which specialty might be the right fit for you.

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Match Corner

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    The MSPE is a synthesized evaluation of a medical student’s academic performance and professional attributes. The document is written in the fall of your fourth year and is used by residency programs to objectively compare your performance with that of your peers.

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