Financing Your Career

Considering your individual financial situation and the financial options available to you can be scary and tedious. But overturning that rock can actually help you realize your career goals (A career in primary care is possible!) and pay no more than you must on the interview trail, for the interest on your loans, and for other educational and career-related costs. Becoming financially literate and considering the financial consequences of your decisions will help you to stop feeling scared and overwhelmed and to start feeling empowered and confident.

Financial puzzle
  • Loan application

    Options to manage your student loan debt have changed. Learn about the changes and their potential impact on your career decisions.

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  • Stethoscope resting on money

    How much money can I expect to spend during fourth year on non-tuition expenses such as interviewing, traveling, and licensing exams?

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  • Graduation cap on top of a pile of money

    The Medloans® Organizer and Calculator, recently launched by the FIRST for Medical Education program, is the answer to effectively organizing and tracking your loan information. Enter and save your loan information safely and securely in the online Medloans Organizer, and throw away the shoebox where you’ve been collecting your loan records!

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  • Stethoscope wrapped around a jar of coins

    Many claim few physicians choose primary care because of prohibitive debt levels, but surprisingly little evidence supports this assertion. In fact, a thorough review of the academic literature shows little to no connection between economic factors such as debt or income potential and specialty choice.

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