Communications and Journalism

Health communications is a growing field. While it is not an easy path to follow, there are a variety of opportunities for physicians who have the skills and desire to pursue them. Opportunities in medical communications trade on your knowledge as a physician and your ability to make that expertise understandable to the general population.

Healthcare newspaper headlines
  • Laptop and newspapers

    Health headlines scream from the newspaper, medical Web sites overwhelm with information, and magazines tease with the latest crazes, developments, findings, and treatments. Patients are faced with ever-increasing amounts of healthcare information from all forms of media. Journalists and writers in the field of medical communication write, edit, and develop materials for the public or specific audiences about medicine and health.

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  • Reporter in front of a camera

    Health broadcast journalists have the privilege and responsibility of "treating" millions of patients by giving them accurate and understandable information about their health. Learn more about this competitive but fulfilling career in medical communications.

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